National Poetry Month Begins and you're invited to write with me! #CantFightTheFroGetsLIT

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I’ll be featuring one poet a day that has inspired and impacted my life in some way, and a writing prompt to go along with that theme. I would love to read any poems that you’ve written as a result from these prompts, and feature them on my Instagram! So don’t forget to follow me
@CantFightTheFro and tag your work #CantFightTheFroGetsLit

So grab your beverage and snack of choice and something to write with. I try and block out at least 20 minutes to write and 10 minutes to re-read and make any changes. So block out what you can - - 5 minutes to two hours, and definitely don’t feel pressured to complete every daily prompt. You can always go back and write. Remember to be kind to yourself when participating in any challenge.

 The first post is dedicated to Emily Dickinson, and her poem, “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” I remember my mom picking up a book from a dollar store about dreams and Dickinson’s poem being included in the collection. I was obsessed with the monochromatic gray scale illustration of a young girl wandering through a leafless forest. Dickinson helped me play around with my own identity and navigate life finding my own tribe. It’s a poem that I’ve revisited at different stages of my life.

Prompt #1
Write about the first poem you’ve ever read, and it’s impact on your life.

Sarah ♥