Take Care

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nayyirah waheed

My internship days have been long and depleting. The fluorescent lights in the building making me forget the time of day, to eat, and hydrate. I’ve struggled with self-care, and had to work even harder to make the space to care for myself. 

On my commute home last night from a 10 hour shift, and no real lunch break, I had to get off the train to pick up some fuel.  With every heavy footstep reminding myself that the end is near. I was parched and light headed, and felt like I couldn’t make it home. I popped into Liquiteria ordered the hangover cure.

My senses were immediately heightened with my first sip. I felt giddy at the taste of papaya, coconut, and honey. I smiled as I walked back to the train. The simplicity of caring for my body gave me goosebumps.

Waheed’s work, a beautiful reminder, that we are not defined by our circumstances.

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Prompt # 9

Write about the ways in which you care for your body. It could be the rituals you perform when you wake or prior to sleeping, baths, foods, or exercise.