Breathe, your spring is near

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Check out artist  Kaylie Wong’s  rendition of  S.R.W’s  work

Check out artist Kaylie Wong’s rendition of S.R.W’s work

My friend Christine reminded me to breathe last week. She bore witness to my tension, my tears, my fears, and my current process of transformation. I shared the struggles I’ve been facing and how I terrified, feel the growth, and my awakening. The awakening feels difficult to put into words, but the most I can say is that the experience feels like being unaware that you’ve been asleep, and suddenly realizing you’ve been asleep, AND everything suddenly makes sense/connects.

I believe that everyone’s awakening is different, so what I’m feeling and becoming aware of, won’t be the same as yours. When I saw S.R.W’s work (hand written by artist Kaylie Wong) on IG it made my heart skip a beat.

“If winter has courage to turn into spring, who says I can’t bloom just the same?” S.R.W

I was thinking about how my journey has felt like an endless and tiring blizzard. No sun for warmth. A lack of nourishment. Aching bones. An overwhelming sadness. But the courage I’ve had throughout this journey has been my north star, leading to the start of my awakening. I can see my spring in the distance. Golden sun rising to my truth.

Prompt #8

Write about an awakening or awareness you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing.