From the Ashes I Rise

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Nikita Gill

I’m learning and understanding my triggers and healing my trauma as I train to become an art therapist. The faith in myself sometimes falters when faced with challenging obstacles and people that embody the energy of past traumas. But I am reminded of my resiliency in my healing and those that support me.

Nikita Gill’s poem, “Phoenix Blood” reminds me of the rawness and vulnerability I’m experiencing while I journey through this Creative Arts Therapy program. The idea of boundaries and over giving of the self. I’m sharing a snippet of the poem so I don’t spoil this amazing read for you.

The second: people will try to obliterate you,
and believe me, even the ones that once
promised you forever will betray you,
it never fails to happen

When love turns dark.

Do yourself a favour when this happens;
reclaim yourself from them.

I know you have been taught
to slice out your own heart, hand it over again and again
to selfish hands, because it is all you
have known since you were a child.

You can purchase her book Fierce Fairy Tales, here. UGH! Mi corazón!! How many times have we given ourselves to others who’ve taken advantage or tried to cause harm in some way? And in what ways can we reclaim ourselves? This isn’t the prompt, but it’s a great way to start thinking about empowering oneself.

From the ashes I rise
ready to reclaim myself
I am warrior
I am love
I am light

Writing Prompt #3
Describe your resiliency.

- Sarah